About the research

How the research was undertaken: 

Savanta ComRes conducted one 10-minute online survey among a total of about 4,000 UK adults. Fieldwork mainly took place between 28th January 2022 and 13th February 2022, with some supplementary fieldwork taking place between 28th March 2022 and 5th April 2022. Respondents were recruited into two samples. Sample one, the Nat Rep sample, was designed to be nationally representative of the UK, numbering 3115 people. In addition to this, Savanta ComRes also recruited a Boost Sample of 917 Practising Christians. Following fieldwork, these two samples were combined into a single combined dataset. Practising Christians were weighted so that the proportion of practising Christians in the dataset as a whole was equal to the proportion of practising Christians recruited by chance in the nationally-representative sample. Then, the whole combined dataset was weighted by gender, age, and region, ensuring that the data would provide a representative picture of the whole UK population. 

The data has a margin of error of 1.54%, meaning that in reality, all percentages presented below could be 1.54% higher or lower than those presented.

‘The response to the course has been more than I could have hoped for. One man in his 50s, a regular at Sunday church but still young as a believer, spoke of having had three conversations with people he has met while walking his dog. Another older man spoke of how he has taken the…
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